Fire alarm saves Spokane Valley family

Fire alarm saves Spokane Valley family

A Spokane Valley family is safe after escaping a fire that nearly destroyed their home.

“It happened so quick, that I went back in to find my cat and a couple goods that I really wanted,” said John Bailey. He managed to grab baby books among other things before his home filled with smoke.

He and his family were lucky to escape their home when it caught fire Monday morning.

“It was really scary, you never really know how it feels until it happens,” said John’s daughter, Kasey. The fire started in her bedroom.

The night before, Kasey noticed a strange smell in her bedroom.

“My daughter said it smelled like roasted marshmallows,” said John. “So we were checking on it the whole night and literally had an electrician coming that morning.”

That strange smell was a warning of what would happen next. However, the most important warning wasn’t a smell, it was a sound.

“We heard the smoke detectors, smelled a little smoke, but the detectors let us know that there was something really wrong, and gave us ample warning to get out of the house safely,” said John.

That life saving sound might not have been heard if not for the Spokane Valley Fire Department and the Red Cross.

The SVFD went to over 300 homes, got into 95 of those homes, and installed 305 brand new smoke alarms free of charge. The Baileys’ house was one of them.

Last April, five smoke alarms were installed in the home free of charge. It meant a lot back then, but even more so now.

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