Finding the Helpers: Volunteers step up to help vaccinate people in the Spokane community

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Regional Health asked people to volunteer since vaccine distribution started and our community hasn’t disappointed. As of Wednesday, there are officially 480 volunteers in their Medical Reserve Corps program.

“We’re going to have you sit over here,” said Terry Timme, Volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps of Eastern Washington.

Greeting others as they walk through the door may not seem like much. In reality, it’s a gesture that means the world for some.

“So many of them have said this is the first time I’ve had a chance to talk to anybody in almost a year now. They feel really grateful that they’re getting their shot and they’re also getting social interactions,” said Timme.

Social interaction that Timme is happy to provide, knowing these past few months haven’t been easy. It’s why he decided to spend his free time volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps here in Spokane.

“Every day it’s just so rewarding to come here and see people feeling so happy that they’re getting their vaccines,” Timme said.

While he’s not licensed to distribute the vaccine himself, he’s found other ways to give back.

“There are several positions and one of them is to be an observer,” said Timme.

It’s an opportunity to really connect with people who are craving connection while doing a few other things in between.

“Cleaning the chair and table after they leave so the next person feels safe coming in,” Timme said.

Back in January, Spokane Regional Health only had 48 volunteers. As of Wednesday, they’ve officially surpassed 400.  Many of them do have a medical background, but there are support volunteers just like Timme who are needed as well.

“It’s not too strenuous work, but the reward is well worth it,” he said.