Finding the Helpers: Spokane baker shares sourdough starter

SPOKANE, Wash.– A Spokane baker is doing her part to help people in the community during the pandemic.

Stacie Kearney, who runs Lucky Lady Bread Company, is offering sourdough starter to people for free. That starter is what makes sourdough rise. You can make it at home, but having a healthy one that’s been cared for for years will jump start your baking.

Kearney’s sourdough bread has become widely beloved around town from her past pop-up bakeshop events. Now, you can make your own version and many other treats at home.

This gift has great timing. Many people staying safe at home during the pandemic are baking to pass the time. The great thing about sourdough bread is it doesn’t require yeast, which some stores have run low on. It’s also an inexpensive and delicious food.

Kearney told 4 News Now she wants to help people in a way that fills their soul and their belly.

“When I began baking bread, we were having hard times and am extremely limited budget. I didn’t have much money, but I did have time. I used that time to learn and practice making real bread for my family,” Kearney said. “During the pandemic, budgets are limited and folks are home with extra time. I felt it was the right moment to reach out to my community with something that would help their budgets, fill their days with mindful steps, and bring warm bread to dinner tables across the region.”

You can reach out to Kearney on Instagram or Facebook to get the pickup address for the free sourdough starter. She said in a post online that it will be available through at least Sunday in Spokane. She’s placing it outside in a basket for people to pick-up, so there isn’t any person-to-person contact.

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