Finding the Helpers: Lending a sewing hand

SPOKANE, Wash. — Face masks are sold out just about everywhere right now. Everyone is encouraged to make their own. A south hill business wants to help.

It’s a story one of our viewers told us about through our Finding the Helpers series.

Ellen Peller sent 4 News Now this message:

“I would like to recognize Irene Fransk, the owner of Regal Fabrics and Gifts.  She has tirelessly coordinated a mission to gather masks that are made by members of our community.”

To many, sewing might just seem like a hobby. But right now, our community could really use some local sewers to help make masks for local first responders. It’s not just an activity to entertain yourself, you’re helping our community stay safe.

We all talk about lending a hand right now. Regal Fabrics and Gifts is looking for some sewing hands. People who sew all over the Inland Northwest are coming together and using their skills to get face masks to workers on the front lines

“A lot of people who have never sewn in years are dusting off their sewing machine and are getting into making them. Sewers, quilters, and people who have time and want to get these done,” Fransk said.

Regal Fabrics is collecting masks, that you make, to give to local first responders.

“Everything that is brought in is needed. It doesn’t matter, you bring in two or three and we would be happy with it,” Fransk said.

A little goes a long way when everyone lends a hand. The store collected almost 200 masks over the course of Tuesday morning. In the past two weeks, local sewers have made more than 4,000 masks.

If you have the skills and have restless fingers while you’re at home. Regal Fabrics has all your materials, they just need you to get to work.

“We’ll have patterns for them and will show them how to make them. Then they just bring them back to us,” Fransk said.

They’ll also give you the proper materials like polypropylene, a fabric that acts as an air filtration system.

If you are a seasoned sewer, it can take you as little as five minutes to sew one mask.

If you want to help out, Regal Fabrics is open everyday. You come to the store, sign out the materials, make the masks at home, then bring them in. Every kit can make 18 masks. Each mask will go to first responders.