Finding the Helpers: Clinkerdagger donates food to Meals on Wheels

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Clinkerdagger is stepping in to help the community, donating food to Meals on Wheels even as restaurants close statewide.

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Debi Moon, general manager at Clinkerdagger, is helping her community and employees, even with her own business significantly affected.

On Wednesday, Moon dropped off food at Meals on Wheels—for every take-out order made at Clinkerdagger, they will donate a meal to Meals on Wheels.

Not only does this help the seniors who need the food, it gives Moon’s employees something to do to earn money, even when the dining room is shut down.

4 News Now thanks everyone ordering takeout and supporting local businesses out in the Inland Northwest. We know there are more of these stories, so email us at and help us share some light in this uncertain time.