Finding the Helpers: Berserk Bar owners making food for women in need

SPOKANE, Wash. – A local business owner is giving back to people in Spokane who don’t have a home right now.

Owner of Berserk bar Beth Mcrae, and a few other restaurants, have pitched in to help the nonprofit Volunteers of America.

The VOA runs the women’s shelter Hope House among other programs.

Since some of the women relocated to the new shelter at the downtown library, there is no proper kitchen to make food.

That’s when Berserk Bar came in.

Providence has been donating food for breakfast and lunch, and Mcrae has been using food from food banks to make dinner.

“The commitment level of all the volunteers that say ‘Yeah, for the next three weeks, I have this dinner covered.’ Or ‘The next three weeks, I’ll make sandwiches five days a week.’ That’s been the most rewarding and greatest feeling I could ask for,” Mcrae said.

She said she doesn’t need any extra help right now, but asks that if others can, to volunteer for the VOA or another organization they care about.

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