Find another route: Thor-Freya eastbound off-ramp closing for construction next week

SPOKANE, Wash.– You could be sitting in traffic on I-90 a little longer than usual starting Monday if you use the Thor-Freya exit.

The eastbound off-ramp at Thor-Freya will be closed for construction so you’ll need to find another route. The ramp is set to be closed until the middle of June. Drivers should take the Altamont exit or the Sprague Avenue/Appleway Blvd exit while the work is being done at Thor-Freya.


The work is part of the Thor-Freya Corridor Construction project. It will be broken up into multiple phases to make sure people can still reach businesses in the area while work is being done.

When work occurs on Thor, Freya will have two-way traffic. When work occurs on Freya, Thor will have two-way traffic. The section of the road being worked on will be fully closed to all traffic.

Ashley Graybeal is a bartender and server for Red Wheel Bar and Grill, which is on Thor and 5th.

“I knew essentially I was going to have to wake up earlier and come to work earlier for months,” she said.

She drives to work by taking the freeway.

“It takes me 15 minutes to get here but I’ll probably leave 15 minutes earlier just in case because when they close things down I feel like everyone takes the detour so then that backs up traffic as well,” Graybeal said.

The project overall is expected to take about eight months to complete. You can find more information on the Thor-Freya Corridor Construction project here. 


Thor-Freya map

Thor-Freya map



Kirstin Davis, communications manager for Spokane, explained this project is a necessity. They’ll be replacing the asphalt with concrete, and checking the water pipes.

“The kind of traffic it gets, it’s an industrial area,” she said. “There’s a lot of heavy equipment and vehicles that go through there and high volume vehicle traffic.”

This isn’t the only construction project happening in the Spokane area. Starting next week, Hatch Road Bridge will be closed while its bridge deck is replaced.

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