Ferry County residents face flooding, prepare for worse conditions

Ferry County residents face flooding, prepare for worse conditions

It’s all hands on deck in Curlew, Washington where Ferry County residents just south of the Canadian border are working to keep their homes and properties safe amid rising flood concerns.

The Kettle River exceeded historic levels at the end of last week, according to Ferry County Sheriff Ray Maycumber. A flood warning remains in effect for residents. Hot temperatures and melting snow pack are a dangerous combination for the already high Kettle River.

Terry Munger and her husband are among the lucky ones. The river swelled and spilled into their yard, but Munger said they’re house is far enough up that the water shouldn’t reach them.

“We built up high and it floods just about every year,” Munger said.

Despite their perch, Munger said the sheriff has stopped by a few times to make sure they’re okay.

“He was checking to see if our septic and everything was okay, and he’s swung by a couple of times, checking on us to see if we haven’t drowned or whatever,” Munger said.

Munger is just a short drive down from an area along Customs Road flooded over.

The Red Cross has set up a center for people impacted by the flooding in Ferry County. It’s located at the Ferry County Fairgrounds in Republic.