Ferry Co. Sheriff: Loren Culp has a job with his department if he wants it

Loren Culp

REPUBLIC, Wash – The sheriff in Ferry County, Washington says gubernatorial candidate and former Republic Police Chief Loren Culp can have a job with the sheriff’s department if he wants it; in fact, it’s set up by state law.

Sheriff Ray Maycumber said his department and city offices have been inundated with phone calls from Culp supporters, one day after Culp went on Facebook and said his department was defunded and he no longer had a job. Culp also lost his bid to be Washington governor this week.

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What actually happened was that Ferry County and the City of Republic agreed that it made more sense for the sheriff’s office to handle law enforcement services for Republic. For quite some time, Culp has been the only employee of the department.

“Talks both formal and informal began early this year and have been ongoing and in public forum at the City Council chambers,” Sheriff Maycumber said, disputing Culp’s claim that he didn’t know this was happening. “Initially, the first discussions were to cover the City during the 2020 year while Chief Culp took vacation days to campaign. However, the situation changed again in June when I learned Chief Culp was taking a longer leave of absence.”

Sheriff Maycumber says the city is financially distressed and asked the county to provide law enforcement services for the next two years.

“The City has retained ownership of their police equipment and vehicles and can quickly stand the Republic Police Department back up if they feel it is cost effective and in the best interest of their citizens,” he said.

Sheriff Maycumber also cites a state law that Culp “can be brought over to the County as a peace officer and his seniority transfers as if he’s worked for the county since the day he began with the City of Republic.” The sheriff also says Culp would then have union and civil service protections.

“I look forward to working with him again if that is his choice.”

On the phone and in the news release, Sheriff Maycumber spoke of the difficult times the county is facing this year.

“Many times we have found ourselves in the position to consider options we might otherwise not have. I have faith that we will get through this together and be stronger for it.”

Sheriff Maycumber also urged people not to call the sheriff’s office with complaints about the situation, as his dispatchers need to be able to handle other incoming calls.

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