Ferris High School teacher honored at the White House

Ferris High School teacher honored at the White House

The National Teacher of the Year was just honored at the nation’s capital. Ferris High School teacher Mandy Manning made the trip from Spokane to Washington, D.C. to be honored by the president Wednesday.

Manning was focused on turning the spotlight to her students. She teaches refugees and immigrants from places like Iraq and Syria at Ferris High School’s Newcomer Center.

Manning brought letters from her class to the president — they detailed their journeys to the United States, in hopes of creating a discussion with President Trump about how immigrants and refugees are treated.

“My students recognize the weight and power of the position of the president and just simply ask that he be mindful of how he communicates about our refugee communities,” Manning said. “Their hope is that he will use his position in a very positive way.”

President Trump failed to mention Manning’s work with refugees and immigrants in his introduction Wednesday.

“Mandy took her passion for education from the Peace Corps to Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington where she has been teaching English and math for the past six years,” President Trump said.

President Trump announced Dr. Jody Olsen, director of the Peace Corps, was in attendance in honor of Manning.

“Her incredible devotion has earned her the adoration, total adoration, actually and respect of students and colleagues throughout her school district, community and the entire state,” President Trump said.

Manning told KXLY4 via Skype she hoped to tell the president about the long journeys her students endured to get to her classroom.

“I had one student in particular who, it took their family ten years to come to the United States,” Manning said. “They still have a brother who’s waiting to come and have been told that it will take an additional ten years.”