Ferraro’s to hold fundraiser for family member’s kidney transplant on Wednesday

They’ve been a culinary family since 1962 when their dad first came to the United States from Italy to chase the American Dream. Seems the love of food was genetic.

“Me and Angie followed in his footsteps,” said Jason Ferraro, who owns the Ferraro’s on North Division.

More important than their love of food though, is their love for family. Food brings them together, but family binds them and keeps them smiling day to day, even when there may not seem much to smile about.

“We have to take care of each other,” said Ferraro, “this is a hard industry.”

His sister, Angie Ferraro-Fogal, who manages the Ferraro’s on Sprague is coming dangerously to liver failure.

“Right now I am down to 13 percent function and I’m just trying to keep it going,” she said.

A new kidney is what she needs, and fortunately, it looks like her brother is going to be her match.

“As far as I know all of my kidneys are firing on both ends very well,” he said, “so I have extra parts to hand out.”

But now it comes down to how to pay for it all. Insurance covers most things involved with the surgery itself, but they say it doesn’t cover the cost of the anti-rejection medication or recovery time.

“There’s a lot of underlying costs that insurance won’t cover for her,” he said.

So how to raise the money? Do what the Ferraro’s do best. Cook.

“I love being with people and making them smile,” said Ferraro-Fogal, “hearing that they love our food, I like it a lot.”

On Wednesday evening, the restaurant will be giving 10 percent of all the money spent during their dinner rush to Angie’s transplant. Both the Spokane and Valley locations will be participating and the dinner service runs 4 p.m.-9 p.m.