Ferarro’s shows appreciation for local firefighters with half-off meals

SPOKANE, Wash. — After a brush fire near Ferraro’s caused damage to the building Tuesday, the restaurant is thanking firefighters by paying half of their bill.

Ferraro’s is giving all firefighters a 50 percent discount on their purchases for the entire month of July.

“They were trying to find shade, to take a break and I was just watching, and I brought out meatballs that I had on the line to take back to their firehouse. And I told them, ‘You know what? This July, the whole month, let’s just do 50 percent off,'” said owner Jason Ferraro. “All fire department and DNR workers. People that keep us safe and just watching theese guys work was a humbling experience of just reaction and no fear really. They were all over the place.”

According to fire officials, the fire caused $100,000 worth of damage to Ferraro’s, two homes and one apartment complex near Division St. and N. Foothills Dr. 

Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said the fire was wind driven and the cause is still under investigation. One firefighter was hurt but they are expected to fully recover. 

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