Fencing now up at Camp Hope, curfew goes into effect Friday night

SPOKANE, Wash. — People living at Camp hope could see more changes in the coming weeks, and new fencing is just the start.

“So we moved the perimeter in three feet all around the entire camp, that meant moving RVs, and rows of tents,” said Julie Garcia, Executive Director of Jewels Helping Hands.

Camp Hope has a newer look these days. On Friday, WSDOT contractors worked to put up a fence to secure the perimeter. Soon, Jewels Helping Hands will start working security overnight, to ensure people aren’t leaving between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., a security measure that starts Friday night.

Garcia said people won’t be locked in, but there will be security at all entrance points.

“Not locked in, but there are three access points and all three access points will have somebody manning those gates,” she said.

Brian Coddington, communications director with the City of Spokane, confirmed that the city has extended its contract for security outside of the camp through the end of October. A spokesperson with WSDOT says they are working to find security after the city’s contract is up.

WSDOT sent out a statement Friday morning about the new fencing, that says in part:

“While this work begins the process of strategically decreasing the size and footprint of camp hope, there is more to do including RV removal, encampment identification/badging, a curfew and other associated rules and an increased security presence within the neighborhood.”

Garcia said badging would be introduced once Jewels Helping Hands finishes their census of everyone staying in the camp.

“Next week we will be implementing a badge with a picture so we know who’s here and who’s not here,” Garcia said.

Spokane’s assistant fire marshal, Nathan Mulkey, walked through the camp Friday to ensure the exits are safe and accessible to the sidewalk.

After a walk-through, the assistant fire marshal confirmed the exits at camp hope are safe for those still living inside.

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