Felts Field Neighbors Day offers once in a lifetime flights

Felts Field Neighbors Day offers once in a lifetime flights

At this year’s Felts Field Neighbor’s Day, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a ride on a historic Douglas DC-3. This plane has been around the world, was used in World War II and even transported the executive of Johnson and Johnson.

The Douglas DC-3 was built in 1943, and while it has seen some improvements, the bones of it are original. These planes have recently seen a revival, as people take to restore them. For $100 Saturday, you can take a ride on one.

The pilot with Historic Flight said, “I’ve had more than one person that’s come up to me and said ‘can you imagine how many other people have flown on this over the years?’ So just the fact that this plane right here has taken a lot of people on first flights, flights to visit relatives in the war. The history is immense.”

Whether it’s the nostalgia that drives you, a love of flight or simply the chance to see your city from a different angle; it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

To take a spin in a historic plane or to see a few with your feet firmly planted in the ground, the Felts Field Neighbors Day runs from 9am to 4pm Saturday. The event is free. Flight prices vary.