Felony charges sought against ‘juveniles’ who confessed to breaking windows of school bus in Clark Fork

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CLARK FORK, Idaho — The FBI and Bonner County Sheriff’s Office are seeking felony charges against juveniles who allegedly broke the windows of a school bus full of football players in Clark Fork.

No students were seriously injured, but authorities say the ‘juveniles’ threw items through the windows of a school bus as it was coming back from a game in Clark Fork.

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Video from the incident reportedly shows an object crashing through a window on the driver’s side of the bus, and flying through a window on the opposite side. Another video shows a suspect running up and throwing an object through the window, with two others nearby throwing objects as well, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives recovered a baseball-sized rock from the incident.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, some juveniles were interviewed and gave full confessions, saying they threw rocks at the bus.

The investigation is ongoing, but the Sheriff’s Office says they are considering felony charges.