Felon tries giving fake name, address to deputies, immediately identified at County Jail

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — An eight-time convicted felon arrested during a traffic stop tried to give deputies a fake name, age and address—and was immediately identified by Corrections workers at the Spokane County Jail.

A deputy pulled over a car that was driving without license plates or working tail lights. The driver and passenger were also not wearing seatbelts.

During the traffic stop, the deputy asked the passenger, later identified as 42-year-old Cheryl Jacobs, to identify herself. Jacobs said she did not have an ID and refused to cooperate with the deputy, who said she needed her information because she was not wearing a seatbelt.

Jacobs then got out of the car and said she had to leave due to a ‘female issue,’ authorities say.

The deputy told Jacobs she was not free to leave. Jacobs then reached back into the car, prompting the deputy to grab her and put them behind her back. Jacobs kept struggling, so the deputy called for backup on his radio.

Jacobs then broke free and tried to get away, but was taken to the ground.

Jacobs was placed under arrest and continued asking the deputy what she did wrong. When asked for her name and age, she made one up—a full name, date of birth putting her at 23-years-old and an address in Alaska.

The deputy checked the information but found no valid ID, and Jacobs told him she came down from Alaska on a ferry. She said her ID was in her backpack but the deputy did not find it.

The Sheriff’s Office says the driver had just met Jacobs but told the deputy her name was ‘Alicia.’ He was allowed to leave.

Jacobs was brought to the Spokane County Jail, and Corrections workers recognized her immediately, bringing up her correct information to reveal a felony warrant for escaping community custody following a third-degree assault charge. Workers also connected Jacobs to six aliases and six other felonies across Washington.

Jacobs was booked into the Spokane County Jail for her felony warrant, as well as failure to identify and making false statements.