Feeling sick? Don’t go to the ER, Sacred Heart health officials say

Sacred Heart Medical Center
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SPOKANE, Wash. — If you are feeling sick, do not go to the emergency room.

Health officials at Sacred Heart Medical Center say you should call first call your doctor if you believe you may have coronavirus.

The reason: to reduce the risk of accidental exposure. According to Sacred Heart Medical Center, the majority of coronavirus cases are minor and many will not require medical interventions. Exposing more people to the virus increases the risk for someone who may be at risk for complications, such as an underlying health condition.

If you are feeling ill or you recognize coronavirus symptoms (shortness of breath, coughing and runny nose), it is best to reach out to your doctor by phone first. Some providers even do videoconferencing.

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During that call, doctors will walk you through your symptoms, and plan out your treatment and next steps. By avoiding a visit to the ER, you will also limit the potential spread to other patients should you test positive for the virus.

As of Monday, six people in Washington state have died from coronavirus. There are 18 confirmed cases and several other patients are currently being tested.

One person in Spokane County and one person in Grant County are currently undergoing testing. Their tests results are expected in the coming days.

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