Federal bump stock ban now in effect, Supreme Court denies appeal

Federal bump stock ban now in effect, Supreme Court denies appeal

It is now illegal to own a bump stock in the United States.

The federal ban put into place by the Justice Department back in December is now in effect. Bump stock owners were given 90 days to get rid of or destroy the gun attachments, but that period ends today.

Last night, the Supreme Court received two emergency appeals from gun advocates seeking to have the ban placed on hold. This morning, Chief Justice John Roberts denied one of those requests. The other is still pending with Justice Sonya Sotomayor.

The Washington state legislature has also banned bump stocks and earlier set aside $150,000 for a bump stock buy back program. That was enough money to buy back one thousand of the devices.

Washington State Patrol held buy back events the past two weekends. KOMO news reports as of noon on Monday, all of the money in the buy back fund had been given out.

If you still have a bump stock, Washington State Patrol will continue to accept them with no penalty, but you will not be compensated.

WSP says all bump stocks collected will be destroyed.

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