Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Travis

Wednesday's Child: Travis

SPOKANE, Wash. - This week's Wednesday's Child says he is mostly quiet, shy, and outdoorsy.

When we heard Travis liked to fish, we knew exactly what we should do for our shoot.

We called our friends with Silver Bow Fly Shop, who set up 15-year-old Travis with all the fly fishing gear and even helped with his technique.

“Fly fishing's pretty cool,” said Travis, “I've never done it before, it's my first time.”

He gave it a go, practicing his casting in Mirabeau Park before heading to the Spokane River.

“It's better than sitting all day, playing video games,” said Travis, “You can get out and be active.”

Travis is an active young man who doesn't like sitting still.

And he certainly doesn't sit idle when there are things to be done in the classroom or with his friends.

“When somebody's hurt, I usually come, and when they're not in a very good space, I usually talk to them, and sometimes, if they're in the mindset to want to be talked to, they usually listen and take it in,” said Travis.

Travis, himself has been dealt a crummy hand, being in foster care for years. He is from Idaho, but currently living out of state. He'd like to come home, to be near family.

“I feel safer here than anywhere else, even if I was on the streets, I'd feel safer in Idaho,” said Travis.

At 15-years-old, ending up on the streets is something Travis thinks about.

“I usually think about what would I do if I was on the streets,” said Travis.

But he tries not to let those thoughts run his life.

“I look on the good side, quite a bit,” said Travis.

Travis is a sweet boy with a heart of gold.

“Care for other people... even if they don't care about you,” is one of Kevin's mantras.

He needs the love and guidance of parents.

“I've been wanting to get adopted for years now,” said Travis. “Just couldn't find the right home.”

Travis thinks that home would include other children and two parents, who would show Travis the love and attention he deserves.

“I would want them to nurture me,” Travis said.

He'd also like his family to take him camping... and fishing.