Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Tommy

A lot of energy and excitement surrounds this week's Wednesday's Child. Meet Tommy, the Tireless.

From the penguins to the otters, and a playground break, Tommy and I covered a lot of ground at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. It gave me a chance to get to know this feisty Fourth grader.

Tommy is sporty and sweet, and easily distracted. He thinks he's a bit of a comedian, and a collector. He has nearly 200 Pokemon cards.

Tommy enjoys school and says he's good at math, and getting better at reading. His favorite book is a chapter book about a dog who protects his ranch.

Tommy needs someone to watch over him and guide him while growing up.

He's ready for an adoptive home.     

His social worker wants to hear from a couple or single parents, who would provide consistency, and stability, and be committed to this boy.

And that family is in for some fun!

For more information about adopting Tommy, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.