Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: TJ

This week's Wednesday's Child is quite the conversationalist. He is also cool, caring and, as KXLY 4 News' Robyn Nance found out, a climber.

TJ hadn't really climbed a whole lot, but you wouldn't know it. He tackled the walls at Edgeworks Climbing Gym like a champ!

"It was kind of exciting but kinda scary at the same time,” TJ said. “'cause my fingers kept slipping."

But, TJ held on, and met each challenge. When his feet are on solid ground, he likes keeping active

“I like climbing, riding bikes, going to skate parks, stuff like that,” he said.

He also likes sports, woodworking and drawing

“I draw dragons, I can draw really cool dogs, cats, dragons, zebras, stuff like that.” TJ said.

Tj said he reads at an adult level, and loves a good book. The Harry Potter series is his favorite, and he'd like to check out the newest off shoot.

Tj recently turned 10.. He's been in foster care most of his life.

“I've been in foster care for six years, almost seven.

He's also lived in 22 different places in those seven years.

TJ says living in so many places is annoying, and hard. He doesn't tell most of his peers about it, because he doesn't quite know how to explain it to them.

It's time TJ knows what it's like to have stability; to unpack his things and not think about the next time he'll pack them again to move in with new family, go to a new school.

“I don't really like having to move a lot, and it's kind of disappointing having to move a lot,” TJ said.

TJ's hope is that he would be adopted by 2 parents, who are patient and kind.

“Nicely, not being yelled at and stuff like that,” he said.

Other kids in the family would be okay, but he'd prefer no babies or toddlers.

TJ is used to sharing a room, but thinks having his own space would be pretty great.

“I would probably hang up some of my drawings,” he said.

Could you help this boy make a fresh start, and offer the support and love he deserves?