Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Marissa

This week's Wednesday's Child is a lesson in balance.

She's an admitted girly girl who also likes to get down and dirty on the farm.

Marissa and I went to the Oregon Zoo together.

8-year-old Marissa isn't a huge fan of the creepy crawly critters, but get her outside with the big animals, and she's a happy camper.

Marissa is inquisitive. She likes school, and math in particular.

She think she's good at sports.

While I found Marissa to be friendly and fun, she says she isn't always like that.

“I'm shy sometimes,” she sad.

She's not shy talking about sweets, however, especially not when we got on the topic of skittles.

Both of us consider ourselves connoisseurs.

The green ones are my favorite, but I thought they were lime.

Marissa corrected me; they're green apple.

She told me she's not 100% sure of what she wants to be when she grows up, but does know she wants to help others.

Right now, Marissa needs a helper to step up for her.

She needs an adoptive family who will keep her connected with her biological family, who will make her focus, and be her advocate, her champion.

If you'd like information about adopting Marissa, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.