Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Maria

COLBERT, Wash. - Green Bluff has beautiful orchards, corn, hay mazes, outdoor games, and pumpkins.

Maria had her eyes on a big, round one at Harvest house, even though she was fascinated by all the varieties.

Nature is kind of her thing. She likes to hike and explore.

Animals are also a big part of her life. And she would love to make them her future.

“I wanna rescue animals or save animals,” she said.

Maria is a nurturer, and can be a real joy to be around, even if you're getting lost in a corn maze.

She thinks her friends would describe her as funny, unique, and bubbly. Her friends might also say that Maria is a really good singer. She is in her school's choir.

Like so many of us, Maria enjoys being around people who like the same things she does. She hopes to be adopted by a similar family, with parents who really get to know her.

“To be understanding and uplifting, and funny and bubbly, like me,” she said. “And they like to do things in nature and that they have animals and stuff.”

Maria will be 17 in March, and worries about what her age means, as many children in foster care age-out and are on their own.

“I'm gonna be 18 soon and I won't have anyone to go to on holidays and stuff.”

It's a scary and lonely prospect. Maria is open to a single or a 2 parent family, with other teenagers in the home, or being the only child. 

“I don't care, any family works for me, I just need a family.”
For more information about adopting Maria, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.