Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Joey

Wednesday's Child: Joey

TACOMA, Wash. - Joey is 11, in the sixth grade, and is comfortable on the bowling lanes.

While knocking down some pins in Western Washington, I learned that Joey has a creative side.

Building with Lego toys and K'Nex are a hobby, as are sports. He likes football, soccer, and basketball.

He is also musically inclined. He started learning to play the trumpet.

“I play the euphonium,” Joey said. “I also started a drum class after school.

The euphonium is a small instrument, kind of like a tuba. 

Joey describes himself as funny and nice, and I'd say dedicated. A source of pride for him is perfect school attendance. He's won an award for that more than once. Another source of pride is his Native American heritage. He'd like to learn more about it, and share the culture with his new family.

Joey wants a family that would go on vacations to different places. He would like a mom and dad and maybe one sibling, and a cat. 

But most of all, he wants to be treated nice.

If you'd like to learn about adopting Joey, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.