Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Evin

TACOMA, Wash. - This is 8-year-old Evin. We got to hang out at Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma.

He may have whooped me in Mario Kart, but it was a different story when we dueled it out in Air hockey.

The arcade is right up Evin's alley. He likes to play video games, go places, and read. He reads above his grade level, and his favorite books have to do with fantasy, history, and adventure.

Evin also enjoys time outside, and has tried his hand at ice skating, but doesn't know if he likes it.    

He does think it'd be cool to use skating skills to play hockey.

Evin likes board games and active play. He says he has some serious 4-square strategies. He also likes alone time, movies, and dessert.

The sweetest thing ever, for Evin, would be a family of his own. He'd really like to be adopted.

His social worker would like to hear from a family who will dedicate themselves to Evin with consistency, stability, and love.

And Evin would like quietness, and peace. Pets would be okay in the home and siblings too. But not rambunctious ones.

Peace, quiet, and lots of fun!

For more information about adopting Evin, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.