Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Erick

Wednesday's Child: Erick

This week's Wednesday's Child is all about "manly stuff" like football, wrestling, and cars. But, rest assured, Erick has a surprise or two up his sleeve.

Checking out a museum might not sound that exciting, but 12-year-old Erick was pleasantly surprised at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

We spent quite a bit of time in the museum's mining area, learning about the dangers of the job.

“When you say fatality, it makes me think of Mortal Kombat,” Erick commented.

You might be able to guess that Erick is into video games, but that's not all he's into.

“I'm a fun kid, I like sports and video games, I... I like swimming, I'm a good [swimmer]," Erick said.

Another surprising thing about Erick? His unusual favorite food choice. Broccoli. Cooked or raw, he likes it all!

Erick says he's handy with tools. He volunteers at an auto shop, tinkering with cars, changing oil, and fixing broken parts.

“They offered me a job when I'm older,” Erick said.

Erick can't help but think about driving his dream car someday. He wants a hot pink Ford Mustang GT.

As you can guess by his dream car, Erick isn't one to blend into the background. He's feisty, fun and honest.

He told me he's been in foster care for eight years, and it's been a winding road.

“You have to move all your stuff, make new friends, move again, move all your stuff, make new friends, get new stuff, move, move that also,” Erick said.

He says he's lost track of just how many different places he's lived.

Erick needs stability!

“I don't want to keep moving and moving and moving. That kinda gets old after a little while,” Erick said.

He'd like his own room, and would proudly display his 32 WWE action figures! He's also a dog person and would love his adoptive home to have pets.

But most of all, Erick just wants “an actual family” that he can call his own.

That family would be mighty lucky. Erick brings a lot of laughs, and he promises to bring a lot of broccoli as well.

If you'd like to know more about adopting Erick, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.

For information on foster parenting, call Fostering Washington 1-888-KIDS-414.