Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Corey

Wednesday's Child: Corey

SPOKANE, Wash. - This week's Wednesday's Child is bursting with personality. KXLY 4's Robyn Nance met up with Corey at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, but it wasn't the first time they've met.

KXLY 4 viewers first met Corey in the spring of 2014. He was 11 then.

Corey has grown a lot! He's still as charming and as active as ever.

“When I'm not entertained for a certain amount of time, I get, like, bored,” Corey said. “When I get bored, my energy starts to level up and I get more and more energy the more bored I am.”

So, Corey tries not to let himself get bored. He loves sports, especially football.

“I kinda want to be a wide receiver or an outside linebacker,” Corey said.

Corey also likes swimming, biking and skateboarding.

“I've gotten hurt, mostly skateboarding,” Corey said.

But, Corey bounces back, which is a big part of his personality. Corey is very resilient.

He's been in foster care for seven years, living in a number of different homes.

“It's not fun,” Corey explained. “You have to get away from all your friends. More than once, it's not fun.”

But, Corey has chosen to cope by keeping those friends. He said he doesn't put up a wall, keeping people out for fear of getting hurt, instead he tries to keep meaningful relationships.

“I just kinda make new friends as long as I go, but remember my old friends,” Corey said.

The most meaningful relationship of all, would be an adoptive family.

Corey's ideal family?

“Kinda young... so, like, I can go places and do things,” Corey described.

He'd also like siblings in the home, preferably around his age. Kids who share his love of sports, activities, and superhero movies.

In return, he promises to bring energy and a whole lot of fun to his new family.