Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child: Bakka

Wednesday's Child: Bakka

This week's Wednesday's Child is closing in on the time when foster children are turned loose, and fears a future without knowing the love of a family.

But, he will figure out a way to smile.

When Bakka is around, everyone that is in a bad mood, usually becomes in a good mood.

He has this great aura, and warm vibe.

There's no bad mood allowed when Bakka is near.

He's such a social, positive person, who seems to know who he is, and he embraces it.

“We all have a little child inside us but for me, it's probably a teenager inside me, and the child outside me, the happy, funny, somewhat annoying and irritable kid,” said Bakka.

He is just a kid, who loves camping, and boy scouts.

He's a kid who works in his school's cafe serving up coffees and treats, a kid who's closing in on adulthood.

And, when you're in foster care, that can be awfully frightening.

“Once I turn 18 I'm going to be out of care, i'm going to be on my own I guess...without ever having that family experience,” said Bakka.

And that experience is something Bakka wants, more than anything.

“Family is more important than money or anything in the world,” he said.

He isn't particular about the family make up. One parent or two, siblings or not.

He wants someone to be active with him, and go camping, fishing, and do all sorts of outdoor activities.

Bakka needs people who will advocate for him and help guide him.

He has high flying plans for his future, and needs help getting there.

He wants to graduate college and then get a jet pilot's license.

He would also love to beat Chuck Yaegar's record of breaking the sound barrier.

Then, maybe he'd slow down.

“I'd get a small business loan, and open my own store and sell coffee, donuts, and cookies,” he said.

Sweet plans for a sweet young man, who wants nothing more than to be loved and part of family.

He hopes someone will adopt him soon.

“It'd mean everything to me...more than life itself, to me.”

If you'd like information about adopting Bakka, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.