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Need a high-end pair of skis? Or household cleaning products made from all-natural ingredients? How about an overhead crane to build a bridge? Those products, and hundreds more, are being produced right here in the Inland Northwest.

Each week, “Good Morning Northwest” anchor Derek Deis takes you behind the scenes of a locally-owned company that makes interesting, unusual, or cutting-edge products. These companies are creating jobs and helping our local economy grow. If you have a “Made in the Northwest” story suggestions, contact Derek at or at Derek Deis’ Facebook page. You can also follow @derekdeisKXLY on Twitter.

Made in the Northwest: Anchored Northwest

It just opened in 2019, but it's already become one of the top 20 candle making companies in the United States. Anchored Northwest made a name for itself with its eco-friendly candles and their catchy names. Derek Deis takes you inside the husband and wife success story in this edition of Made in the Northwest.