Need a high-end pair of skis? Or household cleaning products made from all-natural ingredients? How about an overhead crane to build a bridge? Those products, and hundreds more, are being produced right here in the Inland Northwest.

Each week, “Good Morning Northwest” anchor Derek Deis takes you behind the scenes of a locally-owned company that makes interesting, unusual, or cutting-edge products. These companies are creating jobs and helping our local economy grow. If you have a “Made in the Northwest” story suggestions, contact Derek at or at Derek Deis’ Facebook page. You can also follow @derekdeisKXLY on Twitter.

Made in the Northwest: Cheez

It's believed to be the first non-dairy, plant-based alternative cheese product to be made and sold here in Spokane. Cheez got its start in Glorious Artisan Bakery and can now be found in several local specialty stores. Derek Deis has the delicious details in this edition of Made in the Northwest.

Made in the Northwest: Dorian Studio

It's the company behind many of your children's yearbook and sports photos. But like so many other local companies, Dorian Studio has shifted its operations during the pandemic and is now making a product aimed at keeping kids and teachers safe. Derek Deis has the details in this edition of Made in the Northwest.

Made in the Northwest: Lite-Check

It's a local company that plays a critical role in keeping semi trucks safe on the road. Lite-Check has been in business for nearly 35 years, but it continues to create new products to improve diagnostic trailer testing. Derek Deis has the details in Made in the Northwest.

Made in the Northwest: Selkirk Sport

Looking for a socially distanced sport that the whole family can enjoy? How about pickleball? Selkirk Sport in Hayden has been making premium pickleball paddles for the last six years and just released its best product yet. Derek Deis went to check it out in our latest edition of Made in the Northwest.