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Extreme Team lighting up the holidays for kids at Sacred Heart

Extreme Team lighting up the holidays for kids at Sacred Heart

SPOKANE, Wash. - For many families, the holidays are filled with dinners, family and Christmas lights, but young patients at Sacred Heart don't get to experience a traditional holiday.

So, the KXLY 4 News Extreme Team is working to bring a little taste of home straight to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Crews have been working for days, putting in extra hours to make sure the project is done by Wednesday. That's when the Extreme Team will flip the switch, and Cowley Park will be covered in Christmas lights, giving the children a winter wonderland.

That's why Monday Avista crews were braving the heights, taking cranes up more than 100 feet to get lights on the tops of the trees. Even Santa Claus was being put to work.

Cory Garcia-Mendez, 9, is at the hospital receiving treatment for cancer. She says she was with her mom when she spotted Santa up in a crane.

"She said 'oh hey, look at the Santa Claus,' And I'm like 'oh yeah, he's working too?'" Garcia-Mendez said with a smile.

She doesn't know if she'll have to spend the holidays at the hospital yet, like many children at Sacred Heart. But, with all the lights being set up, they're feeling the joy of the holidays.

"It's magical," Garcia-Mendez said. "I like it because you're with all the family when you turn them on."

And volunteers working to get everything set up are feeling the same joy.

"We'll have to come around and visit and come see how the lights turn out because it will be great," said Grace Nicholson. Nicholson was out volunteering with Numerica Monday afternoon. She says if her daughter couldn't be home for the holidays, she would want others to do the same for her family.

"I have a daughter and I couldn't imagine her having to be in the hospital around holiday time, so it means so much to be able to give that extra cheer," she said.

Garcia-Mendez says even if she's out of the hospital when the lights turn on, she's looking forward to coming to Cowley Park with her whole family to see the Christmas lights.