FBI possibly investigating SPS for unreported assaults in schools

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for information about Spokane Public Schools and whether several incidents on school property were not properly reported. 

Spokane City Councilman Michael Cathcart posted a copy of an email from Special Agent Christian Parker to the Spokane Principals Association on Wednesday. The FBI confirmed to 4 News Now it sent an e-mail to the administration at Spokane Public Schools but cannot comment further on that correspondence or other investigative details.

In the letter, Parker asks SPS staff to come forward with any information about the incidents in question, promising confidentiality for what they have to say. 

Parker says there have been allegations involving assault, sexual assault, threats of violence and drug use in local schools that have not been reported properly. 

Parker’s letter comes after Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl raised concerns about the reporting process in a letter to the district on Friday. 

He said he reviewed dozens of police reports and there was a “pattern of assaults and threats occurring to students and staff” that were not reported properly. 

The district responded saying its leadership was not aware of any patterns of complaints, further asking why the chief had not said or done anything sooner. 

SPD said the assaults and threats that allegedly went unreported by school staff came to light when parents reported them after the fact. 

A copy of Meidl’s letter can be found here. 

Below is a copy of the email posted by Councilman Cathcart. 

Letter From Fbi


The FBI asks anyone who is a student, family member of a student, or staff member and has been a victim of a crime that was not reported to law enforcement to send information to its investigators. The FBI is also looking for information about criminal conduct in schools from anyone. That can be reported at  seattle.fbi@fbi.gov or https://tips.fbi.gov/. The FBI asks anyone sending in information to title their e-mail “Spokane Schools.”

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