Father-son duo hope to lead Kittitas to third straight State B title

Father-son duo hope to lead Kittitas to third straight State B title
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He’s the state’s all-team leading scorer, a two-time state champion, and he’s committed to play for the Zags. Brock Ravet has done it all in his Kittitas uniform, alongside his teammates and friends he’s played with for years.

They have their eyes on a third-straight state title.

“I mean it’d be everything. I mean, that’s what we’ve been working for all year and pretty much our whole lives,” Brock says.

Brock has done it all with the coach who’s been there for as long as he can remember — his dad. To say Tim Ravet is proud of his son is an understatement.

“To have a program see him for who he is and respect his game regardless of where he came from or whatever and have faith that he can play at the next level, that’s a cool thing,” he says.

But he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that this is his last weekend coaching his son.

“It’s bittersweet because obviously I’m gonna be done coaching him so that’s hard to even really celebrate,” Tim says. “You’re always gonna worry about where your son goes to college, but you know, I couldn’t be more excited for the program he’s going into and the class of people that are around that, so I can sleep way better than I do right now.”

“Everything that’s good comes to an end,” Brock says. “I mean, yeah, I’m definitely gonna miss it. But [my dad’s] taught me a lot.”

Brock is sure to take those lessons with him as he heads to the next level and realize a lifelong dream, when he suits up for Gonzaga.

“I’ve always been a Zag fan so yeah, I mean, it’s unbelievable that I’m gonna play there,” Brock says. “I’m gonna try to work my butt off and do whatever’s best for the team.”

But before he calls The Kennel home, he’s set on bringing one more title home to his teammates, to his dad and to Kittitas.

“We’ve been playing with each other for so long and it’d mean the world,” Brock says of his teammates

And if you’re able to get out of work and head over to the arena Friday, the Ravets and the Coyotes will take on Brewster at 3:45 p.m.

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