Father prepares his sons to deal with police brutality and racism, sad he still has to

SPOKANE, Wash. — Standing up for a cause, by lying down. 

Demonstrators outside Spokane City Hall spent 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the sidewalk, shouting the final words of George Floyd. 

“My neck hurts! Everything hurts! Everything hurts!”

Among the group was Micah Lampkin, his wife and three kids. 

From me growing up in the south, Louisiana, for me seeing it first hand and hearing stories from my family, to actually be 36 and still have to go through this and to tell my sons, I just want them to grow old,” said Lampkin. 

He’s already had talks with his two sons about George Floyd, police brutality, and racism. 

“How can I prepare my sons to go out into a world that’s not built and made for them?” asked Lampkin. 

“They know the history of our ancestors, they know we build this country off the sweat off our backs and the blood from our body but still we can’t get respect, we work just as hard as everyone else,” Lampkin continued. “But the only time we’re applauded is when we’re bouncing basketballs or catching footballs.”

The Lampkin’s joined other demonstrators, including Spokane City Council President Breean Beggs. 

“I’ve represented a lot of people who have died in law enforcement custody and it’s just the most horrific thing to have no power and have your government kill you,” said Beggs. 

Demonstrators using their pain to fuel reform. 

“For my sons to have to experience that, for me to still have to experience that in 2020. There’s enough things to deal with,” said Lampkin. “I don’t know a great country that people aren’t together in.”

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