Father of fallen solider asking for help finding stolen flag in Yakima

A man in Yakima is asking for the public’s help to find an American flag that was stolen from his truck in White Swan last week.

But it wasn’t just any American flag. It belonged to Shawn Marceau’s son, a soldier who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2011.

And if that wasn’t enough to make it special, his son, Joe Jackson and his entire platoon had signed it.

Marceau says the signatures include three fallen soldiers.

“It’s their last signature in their lives. I think that’s what makes it so important to us, it was part of our son and he had it with him when he was killed there,” said Marceau.

He posted a photo of the flag on his Facebook, asking his friends to share it in hopes that the person who stole it would realize how special it is.

And not only did his friends share it, but so did thousands of others.

As of Monday morning, Marceau’s post (oringally made Friday morning) has more than 34,000 shares and that number is quickly growing.

It also has thousands of comments from around the entire country.

Marceau says he just wants the flag back, no questions asked.

Hopefully the power of social media is enough to make that happen for the father of a fallen soldier.