Father and son reunite at Chiefs game

Father and son reunite at Chiefs game

When you’ve been deployed overseas and haven’t seen your family for months, or even years, sometimes a reunion unlike any other is just what you need.

For Master Sergeant Walter Scott Weber, he got the perfect opportunity to surprise his 7-year-old son thanks to some help from the Spokane Chiefs. And his son never saw it coming.

Weber says he’s been going to Chiefs games for more than a decade and passed his passion for hockey on to his son.

“When he was old enough to play hockey, we took him out for beginner’s hockey at Eagle’s Ice Arena, and he took to hockey like a fish takes to water,” he said.

That’s why Weber decided Saturday night’s Chiefs game was the perfect place for a homecoming reunion. This has been a reunion seven months in the making. Weber has been serving overseas in the Air Force, risking his life to keep our country safe.

“We were at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan and we were providing security and base defense for the largest combat air hub in the Air Force,” Weber said.

Weber said his son, Britain, had no idea what surprises he was in for.

“He knows I’m coming home soon,” he said. “He doesn’t know it was yesterday, doesn’t know I”m going to be here today. He knows he’s here to be the 7th man, which he’s done before. He knows he’s going to be doing a puck drop, which he hasn’t done before.”

So, when it came time for the ceremonial puck drop, Britain skated out to the center of the ice, unaware his father’s name was about to be announced. When he heard his father’s name, Weber walked out on to the ice to meet his son Britain, while the two met in an emotional embrace. A homecoming unlike any other, on display for thousands.