Fans wish Zags well on Sweet 16 trip

Fans wish Zags well on Sweet 16 trip

In front of a crowd of fans and well-wishers the Gonzaga women’s basketball team left for Rhode IslandFriday morning for their Sweet 16 match-up, where the 11 seed Zags will take on the #2 seed Kentucky Wildcats Sunday.

It’s the third year in a row the Zags have made it to the Sweet 16 and their fans are behind them all the way.

“We hope they go back east, have a good time, and kick some booty,” fan Joel Rogers said.

Zag women leave Spokane video

Early Friday morning, one by one, the tam made their way out to a group of adoring fans waiting outside, hugs all around for good luck.

“They’re just outstanding women and um we love them all,” Carol Gabel said.

“Gonzaga is a class act, they really are,” Michael Cochrane said.

The team is on the road for the first time in this tournament, something Coach Kelly Graves is looking forward to.

“One of the negatives about being here is sometimes it doesn’t feel like an NCAA tournament, you know, because you’re playing a home game but this certainly will with all the pomp and circumstance,” Graves said.

The women practiced Friday morning, so they’ll get a chance to relax before Sunday’s game, when they’ll be looking for the shot to make the Elite Eight for the second year in a row.

“I think what’s fun about this is these are two great universities who are both synonymous with basketball, when you think Kentucky, you think basketball, when you think Gonzaga, you think basketball, so I think that’s uh kind of a cool match-up,” Graves said.

Over on 81-percent of voters think the Zags will pull off an upset against the Wildcats.