Fanged cat vamps it up on social media

Fangs to his vampire-esque choppers, a cat in Long Island, New York, has taken social media by storm.

Monkey, a 6-year-old black cat, has more than 24,000 followers on Instagram, according to the Huffington Post.

Monkey’s human, Nicole Rienzie, 38, says she found Monkey in 2010, when he darted in front of her car and nearly got hit.

Rienze took the kitten home in the hopes of finding him a forever home, but she fell in love with him herself and decided to keep him, says the HuffPo.

After about a year, Rienzie noticed that her new pet was developing a decidedly Dracula-style set of fangs. Monkey’s vet says that his distinctive teeth aren’t hurting him, the HuffPo says, and gave him a clean bill of health.

“His newest hobby is eating toilet paper,” Rienzie tells the HuffPo.