Family tradition inspires new Spokane Valley restaurant

A deep-rooted value of community and desire to make everyone feel at home makes European style restaurant, Crimson Hearth, unmatched.

Crimson Hearth opened in Spokane Valley last week, under the ownership of Rick and Shelly Pederson and their son, Kaston Pederson.

Family tradition inspires new Spokane Valley restaurant

The Pederson family is no stranger to the restaurant industry. Rick started the Old European Breakfast House in 1989 and ran it through 2008, but Crimson Hearth has been his dream for many years.

Rick loves to recreate the food and experience of his grandmother’s cooking. Rick’s grandmother inspired the creation of this restaurant as he would stay with his grandmother on a farm in Iowa. He can remember growing up with the open hearth style of cooking.

The made-by-scratch meals were both comforting and delicious.

Rick strives to recreate his experience for the community by making food from scratch and using an open hearth, wood stone oven to cook a variety of items. The menu is expansive, including anything from pizzas to steaks to cinnamon rolls.

“Crimson Hearth is home cooking at its best,” said Rick.

It’s not just the food that Rick wants to share but the sense of community that is created when people gather to eat.

“It’s a lost art to eat together as a family, so if you’re going to eat out, come here, where it’s not a lost art,” Rick said.

Family tradition inspires new Spokane Valley restaurant

The Pederson family hope that everyone who walks through the door feels like family. It’s an added bonus when coupled with the delicious food.

“My open hearth cooking is how my grandma cooked. A lot of my recipes are from my grandma or similar to her style. I strive to serve only great wholesome foods made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients. It may take a little bit longer to make, but you can definitely taste the difference. Not only does it taste better, but it is also healthier,” mentioned Rick when discussing the style of his food.

The reason behind the European style restaurant was because Rick’s grandmother was Danish and cooked many European recipes. Wanting to continue her legacy of cooking, many of her recipes are European inspired.

Family tradition inspires new Spokane Valley restaurant

One of his favorite recipes of hers is the Danish Aebelskivers, which was her last meal with her family before she left Denmark to come to America. She never saw her parents again after that which made Rick even more grateful for family.

Rick and Shelly also have some French ancestry, and a love for the French cuisine and style as well, including beignets and sauces made from scratch.

The Pederson family has been through a lot over the past decade, so they know from experience what it means to fall on hard times. It’s that significance of being able to lean on others during hardships, as well as the importance of giving back, that has shaped their vision.

The family hopes their customers realize Crimson Hearth is about much more than just good food. It’s a place to come to find hope, encouragement, and community.

Crimson Hearth is located on 11003 E. Sprague and are open during the following hours:

Sunday 7 a.m-3 p.m.
Monday 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
Tuesday-Saturday 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

Family tradition inspires new Spokane Valley restaurant