Family says Spokane girl attacked by cougar is awake in the hospital

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Man poses with cougar that was shot after attacking a child near Fruitland, WA

SPOKANE, Wash — A nine-year old girl who was attacked by a cougar this week is awake in the hospital, recovering from her injuries.

The girl, who is from Spokane, was attacked while walking with friends at a bible camp near Fruitland over the weekend.

The girl, identified by her family as Lily, was airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center with injuries to her face and upper body.

She is in the intensive care unit.

According to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the cougar that attacked Lily is a young male.

Witnesses to the attack said the cougar attacked Lily and her two friends ran for help.

By the time they arrived at the scene, the attack had stopped, but the cougar was still nearby.

Someone shot and killed the cougar at the scene.

Fish and Wildlife officers stress that cougar attacks are extremely rare.

The first fatal cougar attack in the state happened in 1924. The state has only recorded 20 other cougar attacks on humans in the 98 years since; only one other attack has been fatal.

In that case, a cougar attacked two people riding mountain bikes 30 miles east of Seattle. One of them men died from his injuries.

On a GoFundMe page* set up for Lily’s medical expenses, her family says she is out of the coma and aware of what happened to her.

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