Family releases ‘disturbing’ body cam video of fatal Spokane police shooting

Family releases ‘disturbing’ body cam video of fatal Spokane police shooting
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The family of a man who was shot and killed by Spokane Police in January has released police body camera footage of the night he was killed.

It was Jan. 7, 2019 when a neighbor called 911 to report David Novak was shooting at him and yelling racial slurs.

Police responded to West Montgomery and fatally shot Novak. An investigation revealed he was not holding a gun but, rather, a baseball bat. Police later said they never found a gun at the scene.

In August, Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell said Brandon Rankin, the officer who shot and killed Novak, would not face charges connected to the shooting.

Novak’s family said they were not notified about the press conference where Haskell made the formal announcement. Novak’s family showed up and were vocal about their disappointment in Haskell’s decision.

“See you in court. You guys have no idea what kind of family you’re up against. This system is sick,” said Novak’s sister, Crystal, at the end of the press conference.

Rondi Thorp, the attorney for Novak’s family, released police body camera footage of the fatal shooting to media outlets on Thursday night.

Thorp said officers gave Novak six seconds before opening fire that night.

“The video is disturbing,” said Thorp. “How could a human being process what is happening and comply with this command within 6 seconds?”

Thorp said the body camera footage was requested months ago, but their request went ignored until recently.

4 News Now also filed a public records request with the Spokane Police Department asking for the footage in August; the day the Prosecutor’s Office determined they would not file charge against Rankin. That request has not be filled.

Thorp released the footage a day before the City of Spokane is scheduled to host a press conference about the investigation. She said this is the second time the city has failed to notify the Novak family that a press conference is taking place.

“The Spokane Police and the City of Spokane are acting in a damaging manner to this family, further exacerbating their injury,” said Thorp.

Thorpe released the following statement on behalf of the Novak family.

Novak, Press Release 9-26-19 by Erin Robinson on Scribd

Editor’s Note: 4 News Now is currently reviewing the body camera footage.

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