Family of missing teen desperate for answers

SPOKANE, Wash. — A 15-year-old girl who disappeared from her south hill home Saturday is still missing.

Sophia Owens told her mom and step-dad she was going to Manito Park Saturday morning with her cousin. She was picked up by someone else instead.

“Around noon I looked at her phone and saw her location was in Mead,” Sophia’s mom Ute Perz said. “I thought what is she doing there? So I sent her a text message.

Calls and texts went unanswered. Then, Sophia’s phone was turned off. It hasn’t powered on since Saturday afternoon in Mead.

“We went up and down every street, every house knocking on doors — nothing,” Sophia’s step-dad David Brown said.


The teen’s parents then checked her Instagram and discovered she had multiple secret accounts. Perz said her daughter had been messaging guys she didn’t know.

“I can’t even go thinking about what could have happened to her — I can’t,” Perz said, in tears.

She worries Owens may have been picked up by one of those strangers when she left their south hill apartment.

“Might have been a predator who lured her into a car,” Brown said. “She’s tiny, she’s 95 pounds, she’s not going to defend herself against anybody.”

What’s also concerning is that Sophia left without her wallet, debit card and cell phone charger. She didn’t pack any clothes.

“Everything is still here, alright, so we don’t believe that she is a runaway,” Brown said.

Wherever Sophia is, her parents want her to know she’s not in trouble.

“No punishment, just come home. I just want her to come. I just want her to be safe. I just want to hug her.”

Sophia’s parents gave her laptop to Spokane Police, hoping detectives can find out who else she was communicating with before she disappeared.

If you have any information about Sophia Owens’ whereabouts call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.