Family of man shot by SPD officers pleads for more mental health support

The family of a man shot by Spokane Police Monday inside a Hillyard apartment pleads for more mental health support.

On Monday, a Spokane police officer and a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to serve an eviction notice to 34-year-old Ronald Acre.

Police said Acre refused to obey commands and was reaching for what appeared to be a rifle under a blanket on a couch.

That’s when the officer and deputy shot Acre. Acre’s family told KXLY he was shot eight times. Amy Truex, Acre’s sister, said her brother suffered from mental illness most of his life. In a statement to KXLY, she explained he purchased a rifle at a local gun show for protection.

Acre is still in the hospital and will most likely face several felony charges. Acre’s sister, Amy Truex issued this statement to KXLY Thursday evening:

Ron is a peaceful, practicing Buddhist and a vegan. He has a heart for love and peace.

Ron was hit by a car in downtown Spokane when he was 17 years old, he had punctured lungs, traumatic brain injury and he was not expected to make it through the night. He has not been the same person since that accident. He has battled with mental health issues for a number of years. He has had two additional brain injuries that our family is aware of since the car accident. This is a man who, with the help of his parents, have exhausted community resources available for mental health.

If he was in anyway uncooperative with police then it can only be because he was struggling in his mind and deeply confused. We can’t wrap our minds around the amount of force that was used while serving an eviction notice to a mentally ill person. His family wasn’t notified and has not been able to see him or have any contact with him since this incident.

In conversation with family, Ron would express concern about the building he was living in and he felt he was in danger often. He believed that his apartment building was crawling with sex offenders and Satanists. Ron started isolating from his family. He purchased a rifle from a local gun show, with no intention of using it and only had it for protection because he was scared. He has no association with drugs. There is detailed and extensive documentation of his mental health history that included schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, with an extreme fear of law enforcement.

He is struggling with a disease of his mind and we, as his family members, have not yet been able to see him or be by his side during this tragedy”- Amy Truex