Family of man killed by police demand answers

Family of man killed by police demand answers
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The family of David Novak who was killed in a police shooting Jan. 7 is demanding more answers from police.

Thomas Novak, David’s uncle, believes the shooting was unjustified given the fact that officers recovered no gun at the scene.

“We’re not asking for the world here. We’re asking the police — our city police — for answers, honest answers. Tell us what happened,” Novak said.

A neighbor called 911 Jan. 7 saying David was shooting at him and yelling racial slurs — even claimimg to be a member of the KKK. That neighbor also told police that David was intoxicated. Novak insists his nephew was not a racist, but he could be a hot head at times, and alcohol didn’t help.

“Yeah, maybe he was a little drunk , okay? So does that justify him getting shot and killed by the police department? Absolutely not,” Novak said. “David does not own a gun, David did not posess a gun.”

But at least one officer on scene was convinced otherwise. One can be heard on police radio saying, “He fired a shot for sure. I saw smoke over by the house.”

Police said Novak was striking his own truck with a metal basebal bat, which Novak believes could have sounded like a gunshot. But it doesn’t erase the heartbrake and still leaves many questions unanswered for his family.

Novak said David’s parents are already in contact with lawyers. Once the shooting investigation wraps up, details will be passed along to the county prosecutor’s office — which will determine if the shooting was justified.

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