Family-friendly car accessories

Family-friendly car accessories

Whether you spend a lot of time commuting your kids to school and after-school activities, or you have a big road trip planned, take a look at some car accessories that can benefit your whole family:

Entertainment players and adapters: One way to keep the kids entertained in the car – especially on long road trips – is by adding a DVD player and MP3 adapters to your car. Look into options that allow your kids to play more than one device at a time, so one can watch a DVD while the other listens to something else on the stereo.

Fold-out trays: Fold-out trays are easy to store and provide a table for your kids to eat off of, put their drinks on, and even do an arts and crafts project or play cards in the car.

Drink holders: It may sound simple, but getting the right sized drink holders for different beverages – and even juice box holders – can help make time in the car more hassle-free.

Cargo space: Kids tend to have a lot of stuff to bring in the car – whether it be strollers or sports equipment – so cars with extra cargo space can benefit most families.

Flexible seating: Family cars tend to need to be able to grow with the kids. Find cars that have seating that’s good for kids of all ages – from babies to teens.

Fit for car seats: Believe it or not, car seats and booster seats don’t fit properly in all cars. Before buying your next car, make sure your car seat fits properly in it.