Fall in the air with clouds and breezy conditions – Mark

Happy first day of fall!

Crisp air is here, but we’re still going to be seeing some sunny conditions this week.

Wed Rest Of

Here are your 4 Things to Know:

  • Fall arrives today
  • Mid-day brings a cold front
  • We’ll have lots of clouds, but no rain
  • A warm, sunny weekend is ahead

Wed Mid 4 Things

Our highs are above average with breezy conditions.

Wed Highs

Calmer, Sunny and a touch cooler for Thursday

Wed Thu Hi

Fall officially starts at 12:21 p.m. A weak cold front moves in bringing clouds and breezy conditions.

Sunshine is on tap for the next several days with some warmer weather. We’ll see upper 70s for Friday through Sunday with sunshine, clouds and cooler next week.

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