Fairchild Employees Breathe Sigh Of Relief After Government Agreement

President Barack Obama says a last-minute deal with congressional leaders to avert a government shutdown happened because “Americans of different beliefs came together.”

Obama says some of the cuts will be painful but the White House protected its priority projects.

House Speaker John Boehner announced the agreement with the White House and Senate Democrats less than two hours before the money would officially run out to keep many government services in operation. A shutdown threatened to affect affects millions of people, endanger the recovery of the economy and embarrass the administration and Congress.

The deal will cut billions of dollars in spending through Sept. 30, the end of the budget year.

The House and Senate were to rush through a stopgap bill until the broader bill could be finalized.

Jonathon Whatcott in Airway Heights watched his television all evening waitng for lawmakers to reach a deal.

Whatcott’s wife works at Fairchild and without the deal they would’ve been without a paycheck.

Whatcott said he is relieved to know lawmakers are now working together.

“I think it’s the most expensive poker game ever played,” said Whatcott

“And, I think the people won on this one. So, I’m really glad, I’m really glad,” he said.