Facebook’s attempt to dismiss campaign finance lawsuit denied by King Co. Superior Court

Washington Attorney General
Washington Attorney General's Office
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson. 

SEATTLE, Wash. — The King County Superior Court denied Facebook’s attempt to dismiss a campaign finance lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Ferguson filed the suit in April, claiming that Facebook sold Washington state political ads “without maintaining information for the public,” which is required by state law. Ferguson says the company intentionally violated state campaign finance law.

“Today we defeated Facebook’s attempt to avoid its legal responsibility to Washington voters. Facebook has repeatedly violated our campaign finance laws, and this is the second time we’ve taken legal action against Facebook for selling political ads without maintaining information for the public as required by Washington law,” said Ferguson. “Whether you’re a tech giant or a community newspaper, those who sell political ads must follow our campaign finance law. Washingtonians have a right to know who’s behind the ads seeking to influence their vote.”

The Attorney General previously filed a similar campaign finance lawsuit against the tech company in 2018, which Facebook resolved with a $238,000 payment.