Extreme vandalism

Extreme vandalism

Another day of hard work is in the books for Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team as they turn AM Cannon Park into the next Hometown Chevrolet Diamonds and Dreams field.

But just hours after the project began, Cannon Park became the victim of vandalism in the west central neighborhood.

On a sunny Tuesday morning, little Eric was running around the park with his dad and baby brother.

“I’m having fun,” he proudly said.

It’s families like theirs that our Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team are revamping the park for.

“It helps keep people active, you know, less time at home,” Eric Hoover, Eric’s dad, said. “So, activities are good and keeping it clean helps a lot.”

Mark and the team have their work cut out for them. They’re making over the baseball field, fixing up the tennis court, and building a snack shack. It’s a lot to do in just four days.

After wrapping up work Monday night, they returned to the park less than 12 hours later to find the snack shack’s walls had been smashed.

“It got kicked in. They did quite a bit of damage to the wall,” Mark said.

“Didn’t even make it one day, which is very, very sad. But the west end is kind of a tough neighborhood, but it’s coming around,” Stuart Lee, a retired carpenter who’s worked on several Extreme Team projects, said.

The Extreme Team spent Tuesday taking all of the damaged metal walls off the shack and hanging new ones.

“If I could reach out to that or them that did this, it’s like, why,” Mark said.

It’s a small setback, but not one the Extreme Team can’t handle.

“Everyone who has come by, those who live in the neighborhood, they’re walking their dogs, they got their kids out here, they’re playing. And they’re very appreciative and said they know what this is going to mean for the neighborhood,” Mark said.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, they’ve hired a security guard to monitor the project overnight. Mark and Stuart guarantee they project will still be ready for Thursday’s big reveal.