Extreme Team working to help local wounded warrior

Extreme Team working to help local wounded warrior

Here at KXLY we’ve had the privilege of helping those in our community and with Veterans Day Wednesday, the KXLY 4 Extreme Team and Wounded Warriors are teaming up for some special projects.

Those projects include cleaning homes for veterans right before the busy holiday season.

At the Bruce household, any time is a good time for a game of fetch. Kinsey the German Shepherd is Jesse Bruce’s service dog and sometimes lap dog. Bruce is many things, dog lover, veteran, Purple Heart recipient and father.

“My sun rises and sets in those girls. I love them to death,” said Bruce.

He’s also a man working through PTSD from his time in Iraq.

“Some of the best experiences of my life and some things I’d never wish on another human being,” said Bruce.

Wounded Warriors nominated Bruce to receive a little help from KXLY 4’s Extreme Team.

“Sometimes we have to talk them into it. That’s the part that kills me,” said Extreme Team organizer and KXLY 4 weatherman Mark Peterson.

Not that he can’t do it himself, but it’s a way for Peterson and crew to say, ‘Thanks for your service,’ with a simple, yet thorough cleaning of Bruce’s home, including carpets and ducts.

“Stress is really what they deal with every single day so it takes a little off their plate,” said Peterson.

Bruce admits, for veterans like him who’ve been drilled to finish the mission no matter what, accepting help or asking for help, can be extremely difficult. It was even tough for him to ask Wounded Warriors for a little help with simple yard work.

“I had eight guys out here at the drop of a hat,” said Bruce.

Even letting family members in can be a challenge for vets; Bruce’s daughters seem to know just when they’re needed most.

“She sat on my lap, she looked at me, she kinda laid her head on my shoulder and she wiped a tear off my cheek and she said, ‘It’s OK I’m here for you,'” said Bruce.

For those other times, Bruce says, the first step is the toughest.

“That phone weighs 1,000 lbs and picking it up is the hardest thing to do,” said Bruce.

He says, for any veteran in need, that phone call is well worth it.