Extreme Team sets its sights on transitional housing for homeless families

Extreme Team sets its sights on transitional housing for homeless families
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Being a mom is hard enough, so imagine the stress of caring for your kids while being homeless. For the women at Spokane’s Transitional Living Center, they don’t have to imagine — they’ve been there.

TLC is run by local non-profit Transitions, which is dedicated to ending poverty and homelessness for women in Spokane. Development director Sarah Lickfold tells KXLY generally, many of the women at TLC are victims of domestic violence. While they got away from their abusers with their kids, they wound up homeless.

Thankfully, they found resources to connect them with TLC.

“They can settle and they can feel secure and they can feel peace in a way that you cannot feel when you’re on the street, when you’re even in limbo,” said Lickfold. “If you don’t have stability and you don’t have support, what do you stand on?”

The women at TLC have finally found the solid ground they’ve been searching for. Now, single mom Patti Harris can start searching for more — like permanent housing for her and her boys.

She’s looking forward to giving them the space they’ve never had before, since they were once homeless for four years after she freed herself from an abusive relationship.

“It’s terrifying, not knowing if your kids are gonna sleep in a bed the next night or have a roof over their head or somewhere to cook them a meal. It’s hard. It definitely can destroy your soul a little bit,” said Harris. “I want to get out of an apartment and be able to give them that space that they’ve never experienced before and I know I’ll be able to do it.”

Harris isn’t alone in working towards that goal. She’s surrounded by other moms in the same boat. They work with their case managers to find employment and healthcare while their kids go to school or onsite daycare.

“Our biggest goal is to get moms from point A to point B, but they’ve told us what point B is,” said Lickfold.

Pretty soon, getting from point A to point B will be a lot more comfortable. The KXLY Extreme Team will work to upgrade the center’s kitchen and family room this week.

Transitions is part of a big web of resources in Spokane. Lickfold says YWCA and Lutheran Community Services will provide referrals to Transitions for victims of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is looking for transitional housing, Lickfold says it’s best to reach out to Catholic Charities. The organization will have you complete the Homeless Families Coordinated Assessment to connect you with the best resources for your family.

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